Member Services

BCG will develop a new Membership Program for review and consideration by Owner. The Membership Plan shall include: a) Proposed Fees and Categories for Membership b) Review and Advise on any Membership Documentations to include Rules and Regulations c) 2016 Membership Sales and Marketing Plan d) 2017 Membership Sales and Marketing Plan

The programming at Banyan Cay must encourage and enhance member participation.  The daily events on the calendar should all (mostly) cater to the members. This includes all member events as well as the membership growth initiatives established to launch beginning in March 2016. On the sample outline provided below and on the following page, each month’s ‘blue’ section also includes strategic social media campaign management. Lead generation and activity will be added based on our Marketing and Sales campaign designed to meet top line membership goals.

The key tab to this document is the Club Programming Calendar which outlines daily and monthly marketing activities and the staff members responsible for execution.

 The example provided has the date of each event as well as standard weekly activities such as social/website updates, monthly emails and sales as mentioned above. This tool also includes when event promotional emails should be sent to optimize opens and clicks as well as when the collateral for these emails and events should be designed.